How to Use Instagram On-the-Go For Your Business

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Because posts on Instagram are photo-based and not text-based, this channel provides an opportunity for visual storytelling like no other platform. As a business owner, we know you’re busy and it can be challenging to post daily without running out of ideas. Well, the “insta” in Instagram is there for a reason. Why not snap a photo on-the-go? This will give your audience a peek at what your business is doing day-to-day and will help create a connection. Being busy doesn’t always mean that you’re not able to post on social media. If anything, it can help!

Here are some ways you can use Instagram on-the-go for your business:



Next time you’re at a business meeting with a new/current client or business partner, take a picture. There’s nothing people like to see more on Instagram than other people. Working on your next project around the conference table? Take a quick shot of the group and share it with your audience. You could even tease them in the caption by saying “Working on the next big project… can’t wait to share it with you all!” This will engage your followers even more. People love to see behind-the-scenes shots of your workday and what goes into running your business.


Are you a real estate agent who just handed your client the keys to a new home? Don’t miss this opportunity to snap a shot and share it with your audience! (With your client’s permission, of course.) Your followers will not only see that you closed a deal for your client but will glimpse the relationship you have with them as well. The same approach can work for a fitness trainer. Did your current client pass a weight loss milestone? Share it by posting a ‘before and after’ shot. These accomplishments for your clients will be seen as “wins” (so to speak) for your business, too.


Putting on events for your business is a great opportunity to share the occasion with your followers. It’s always best to have someone at the scene taking photos and live posting them on Instagram. These can be action shots or posed pictures, as long as they tell the story of your event/business in some way. Perhaps you’re holding a team bonding exercise – get the group together for a candid shot to show off your personalities. Your followers will love to see who you are as individuals, behind the business mask.

Also, when you’re posting these on-the-go photos on Instagram, don’t forget to use proper hashtags!

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