How To Promote Your Social Channels Without Using Social Media

How To Promote Your Social Channels Without Using Social MediaSo, you’ve decided to take your brand online by creating business pages for your business on all the major social channels. The next step is getting those business pages seen in front of your target demographic!

Aside from cross-promoting your brand channels on the various platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, there are other techniques you can do to get your pages seen, without costing you a dime. So, how do you promote your own marketing efforts? Here are some ways to promote your social channels, without using your social media.

Email Signatures

If you’re like most of the world, you probably spend most of your day in your inbox, reading through and responding to emails. Imagine how many emails you send out a day, you can be promoting your social media channels at the same time! Insert links into your email signature to get your colleagues and associates to see your social channels and easily click to go follow!


If you send a newsletter to your community, include a spotlight for your social channels. Especially if it’s an E-newsletter, your fans are already online browsing through your business’s updates; send them to see more on your social channels. This is a great way to build up followers and promote your online brand.

After the first spotlight, continue to promote your channels for months to come by including links in each newsletter you send.


Another great way to get your social media platforms seen without actually using your social channels is to promote within your blogs! If you write blogs once a week or once a month, include links to your social channels for users to connect with you. Either adding a snippet at the footer of your blog or finding sentences within your blog to link up will get users more engaged in your content by connecting with you on social!


If you’re running a brick and mortar store, you are familiar with passing out flyers to neighboring businesses and potential customers. Include a ‘Follow Us On Facebook!’ tagline in those flyers to get people online to check out your social channels. Just like you would promote your website on those flyers, your social media can be promoted just the same!

Word Of Mouth

The most tried and true form of advertising there is, word of mouth! When you’re out networking for your business or at an event to sell your products, encourage your community to go follow your social platforms! A simple way to do this, without sounding salesy, is to get your community engaged by taking photos with them at your event or in your store and letting them know you’ll tag them online! Your network will grow and they’ll have keepsakes from your business.

In addition to promoting your social media offline, it’s just as important to build your brand on those channels, as well! See these 3 reasons why you should try social media advertising.


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