How To Get Paid To Use Social Media

Twitter partners with both the NHL and the NFL, Michael Kors is set to begin exclusives via Instagram, and a new way to get paid just by using social media! These are some of the social media stories in the news this week.


Twitter NHL and MLB Partnership:

After Twitter officially announced a live-streaming partnership with two of the biggest sports organizations, it’s clear that this is the best time ever to be a true sports fan! The social media giant, famous for its real time status updates, is now officially going to be streaming both NHL and MLB live games for sports fans across the world. The Verge is also reporting that the platform will also be rolling out a daily sports show recapping all of the latest in sports news and match ups, simply called, “The Rally.”

There is no official word on when the live-streaming roll out will make its official debut, so stayed tuned for the latest details.

Michael Kors Embraces Social Media With New #InstaKors Program

 In fashion, what’s old is new again. Michael Kors is going retro with its social media selling platform #InstaKors.

The world famous fashion brand launched an Instagram selling strategy back in 2014 that tethered the Instagram feed with a shopping micro site on the MK homepage. Users access the link through the Instagram account’s profile and they can shop all of the fashions they see on their Instagram feed.

Michael Kors is beefing up the experience with more of a rewards loyalty feature, special offers, and an enhanced shopping experience all to users of the #InstaKors hashtag.

Who doesn’t love buying a brand new designer bag with an exclusive discount with just the click of a link?!

Social Commerce Platform Sagoon Inc. To Launch Compensation Program For Active Users

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid just to use social media? It appears your prayers have finally been answered. Social platform Sagoon has announced that they will soon offer a rewards program later this year, which will compensate users just like you to simply engage their profiles on the platform. Sagoon plans to issue what they call a free “Smart Card” to all new members who register for the social media platform. Registered users will then be able to rack up points for using the platform, and will also be able to use the “Smart Cards” at specific locations.

The company has also announced that they are currently offering a private placement opportunity for new investors- a sign indicating they are ready to expand and continue to strengthen the platform ahead of the compensation program launch.

Social media innovation at it’s finest!

With so much going on in the world of social media, it may be easy to feel in over your head with all of the latest trends in social media! Have a question? Be sure to reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter! .


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