How To Get Into Your Posting Rhythm

How To Get Into Your Posting RhythmWhen you’re dancing, your body is simultaneously moving with the beat of the music but still moving freely. The same goes with planning when and how often to post content on your social media channels. It’s a dance that involves both strategic thinking as well as the freedom to adapt. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to revamp your calendar, keep these three things in mind:


Peak Times Are The Best Times


If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to do some test runs at first. Once you start posting, you’ll learn what time the bulk of your audience is online. You’ll also be able to learn more from the platform’s analytics and by looking at similar brand’s accounts. Notice the times that they are posting and which posts get the highest traffic. Then think about which of those times would fit best with your audience as well.

If you already have a content calendar, make sure each post is scheduled at a high traffic time. Take a look at your analytics and see what days and times your audience interacts with you the most. Maybe you thought that people were more likely to see your post at noon during lunch, but they’re actually checking their phones at 3:30 pm before they start their commute back home.


Be Consistent


You should frequently post to make sure you have a consistent social media presence. Your brand will have days that are better than others to post on social media, and that’s completely normal. Make sure there is value in what you post, and always make sure to post on the same days at the same times. Your audience will grow accustomed to your schedule. They will actually begin to look for your posts at those specific times. As you build your brand and fan base, you’ll want people to know that they can rely on you for the content that they followed you for.


Make Room For The Unexpected


When and how often you post will always be a constant, but the content you plan should be fluid. Think of your content as an outline, not a set in a stone map. There will always be events, sales, contests, photo shoots, and new products that will turn up out of the blue. When these arise, your brand’s schedule should be flexible enough to rearrange and swap out posts.

Once you’ve gotten your posting rhythm down, find out how to extend the lifespan of your company’s social media content.

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