How To Find Potential Customers On Twitter

How To Find Potential Customers On Twitter
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While followers are gold on Twitter, customers mean cash. So how can you maximize the little blue bird’s power to persuade people to purchase your product or service?

From listening to your customers’ needs to offering up incentives, Twitter’s timeline can help your leads take flight.


Out of the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent out daily, two of the most commonly used phrases are “I want” and “I need”. Utilize advance search to target potential customers. For example, if you were a hairstylist, you would conduct a search that involves the keywords “need hairstylist” or “need to get my hair done”. You can also narrow down this search by searching for users tweeting those terms within 10 miles of your business address. Personally reaching out to people who genuinely need your services and who could easily travel to your business makes it all the more likely they will follow up on your tweets and become a future client!


When people are tweeting, they are opening themselves up to be answered. Find topics and tweets related to your field and add your expertise! Even though the topic may not be directly related to your business or product, by answering their question, you’re not only helping them solve a problem, but also proving that your company cares. Sometimes even your competitor’s customers will tweet their dissatisfaction only to be met with silence. If it’s appropriate, you can offer an answer to their question. Make sure that if you do choose to interact with a competitor’s customer, you act in the customer’s best interest. Coming across as a hard sell is a definite turnoff.


Keep your feed fun! Many businesses on Twitter reward their followers with special promotions and flash sales that are only announced on the platform. Promoting on Twitter has two benefits: you are rewarding your loyal followers, and you have the potential to make new fans. And if you’re promoting a really sweet deal, those die-hard fans will be more likely to share your post with their followers. Offering a small incentive to your fans shows that you’re invested in their happiness and also builds up your worth in their books.


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