How to Create An Effective Instagram Caption

Not all Instagram captions are created equal, the best captions connect followers with the content and make your content and brand more relatable. Creating a good Instagram caption isn’t always easy and can get a little boring and repetitive! If you find yourself with Instagram caption writer’s block we have some ideas to help!


1. Witty Captions

Witty captions are a go-to for most of the Instagram world. Both business and personal pages alike can appreciate a good witty caption. 

2. Pop Culture References

If you’ve been on social media lately you’ve heard the pop culture reference to  #HotGirlSummer. This reference to the music of Meg Thee Stallion has been included in captions from companies like Arby’s, Taco Bell, and others. Referencing pop culture is a great way to connect with anyone who follows social trends. This doesn’t just mean millennials either, you can reference pop-culture relevant to any audience’s age demographics!

3. Double Entendres

A double entendre is a witty word or phrase with two possible meanings, one of which is a little more risqué. We don’t recommend this kind of caption for businesses with a strictly professional or serious brand image, but if your image is more casual this is a cool way to show your fun side. 

4. Song Lyrics 

Song lyrics are a great way to reach your audience and piggyback on successes in popular music within the audience’s culture. Referencing songs that have gone viral, or theme songs from shows with a lot of buzz are a great way to get your audience to engage with your content. 

5. Captions with a CTA 

Under normal circumstances, I’m no fan of long, drawn-out captions. Most people don’t want to read on Instagram, however, adding a call to action at the end of a caption can help drive followers to visit your page, contact you, or share your photo. 


Creating good Instagram captions is important for creating content that connects with your followers. Understanding your audience’s interests can help you create captions that are relatable and engaging. The perfect caption can add make a photo or video 10 times better. 


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