How To Boost Website Conversions

Aug 2019

red rocketshipThere are approximately 4,083,105,000 Internet users searching the world wide web daily. What are you doing to not only attract your audience to your website but convert them? While there are several ways to increase website conversions, here are seven to get you on the right track.


Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

We do everything on our phones. You’re probably even reading this on your phone. One of the #1 reasons a business sees a high bounce rate or low conversions is because they haven’t optimized their site for mobile devices. This is a crucial step in creating your site’s layout, clickable buttons, and overall design.


Declutter Your Website

Less is more. Websites with crowded text, oversized headlines, blurry images, and slow speed won’t stand a chance on a mobile device. A clean site allows for a more user-friendly experience, thus encouraging a potential buyer to keep browsing your website. 


State the Benefits of Your Product or Service

Make it clear as to what problems you plan to solve for your customers and do it quickly. User attention spans are very short and if your website doesn’t immediately clearly state how you can help them, your conversion numbers will continue to fall. Focus on why choosing you will ultimately make their life better or easier.


Have Clear Calls to Action 

If you’ve laid out what your business can offer them but haven’t given them the next step, you’ve basically teed up the ball but forgotten to swing. Slide in a strong call to action (CTA) to get users to do exactly what you want them to do! 

(Ex: “Start saving now!” “Get clear skin today!” “Get your FREE copy!”)


Make It Easy for Customers to Get Help

What about when customers have a quick question? Providing a user-friendly customer support system will not only add to the user experience but it will show how much your business values customer service. It also helps ensure customer questions are being answered promptly!


Test the Use of Video

It’s evident that video is king. People love video and can’t get enough of it. Adding video demonstrations can significantly increase your website conversions. In a recent Animoto study, 96% of respondents actually found videos helpful when making purchasing decisions online.


Include Testimonials and Reviews

People love to visualize themselves using a product or service before actually buying it. A great way to do this is by including testimonials and reviews on your website. If a user sees how much another customer enjoyed your product or service they are more likely to try it themselves. 


If you keep these tips in mind when modifying your website, you’re sure to see an increase in your website conversion rate.


75% of user judgment about your business’s credibility is based on your website’s design.


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