How to Create a Compelling Twitter Bio

The 160-character space spotted right under your photo on Twitter is a vital component to showing potential followers who you are, what you do and what you like. Oftentimes, your Twitter bio will either make or break a potential follower. Carefully consider how you are presenting yourself on the social media channel that has grown tremendously within the past year alone, now reaching more than 230 million users. Don’t let a connection slip through the cracks.

It can certainly be a challenge to fit everything you want your audience to know in just 160 characters, however, the space allowance can be seen as a benefit in that it is a your opportunity to briefly describe you or your company to grab a user’s attention and gain their interest. And, this should go without saying but it bears mentioning, it is incredibly important that your Twitter bio must have perfect spelling and grammar. One misspelled word and you have potentially lost several quality followers. It also wouldn’t hurt to write a few drafts and use a spell check tool on them or get some extra eyes on your bio, just to be sure and to get their opinion.

Secondly, be concise. Use strong, interesting words that can stand on their own without clutter. This helps differentiate you from similar users. Don’t just say you’re in real estate. What facet of real estate? If you’re an expert at something or a specific area of business, make sure you add this to your bio. Also, if you are passionate about something, tell people. Passions are driving factors and users gravitate towards people who have similar passions. Doing so will make your profile more likely narrowed down when users are searching keywords using the advance search tool. Use keywords that best describe your area of expertise so users can easily find you and/or your business when doing a search.

The objective when creating a compelling bio is you want to be seen as follow-worthy. It is completely acceptable to add a dash of personality. Adding personal elements to your professional profile can make you seem less robotic and more relatable. For a business profile, this may differ since you are representing a brand and not one individual, but if the company philosophy can have a fun twist – why not make it entertaining? However, there is a fine line between fun and silly. Remember, you want potential followers to still take you seriously as a company. You ultimately want to get targeted quality followers that will share and engage with your content.

On Twitter, first impressions are everything. Whether your are reaching out professionally or just looking for new friends, by optimizing your bio with descriptive information on your interests, location, job (and maybe the fact that you love donuts), you can greatly increase your chances of attracting followers in your target audience.


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