How to Avoid Social Media Overwhelm

How to Avoid Social Media Overwhelm
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One of the best and worst things about social media is that it’s always changing. Whether there’s a new feature to experiment with, a change in a newsfeed algorithm or an entirely new platform to explore, it truly is impossible to develop social media mastery.

Not only is social media one of the more slippery marketing mediums to grasp, but it doesn’t stop when the clock strikes 5:00. Between the rapid changes and an “always-on” mentality, how can a social media manager stay ahead of the curve with their sanity intact?

If you’re finding yourself strapped for time and running low on inspiration, it might be time to audit how you run the social side of your business. Here are some points to consider while forming your ideal balancing act:

Set some priorities.

It can be tempting to add more items onto your roster to impress an employer, but there is greater value in deciding what you should do for your business and to do it well. Use your experience to decide what channels or opportunities are worth exploring and which ones you can safely pass on. After all, every social media channel isn’t going to be for everyone.

Create a clear and concise strategy.

The era of free styling on social media is coming to a close, meaning that consumers have come to expect a variety of on-brand content that isn’t constantly trying to get into their wallets.

Creating a weekly content calendar can eliminate much of the guesswork put into daily posting. While this requires social media managers to flex their creative muscle, figuring out a specific type of content to post each day is a huge time-saver in the long run.

For example, if you know that you want to share business tips on Tuesday morning and inspirational quotes on Wednesday afternoon, you can create a file for both types of content and pull it out of your hat when the time comes around.

Never stop being a social media student.

Since social media is always shifting, even the most experienced pros can feel lost from time to time. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes each day over your morning coffee, skim over some of your favorite social media news sites, such as Mashable, Social Media Examiner or The Next Web.

Step away from time to time.

Many people break into social media marketing for the love of relationship building and storytelling, but that joy can start to dwindle if you don’t take time to inspire creativity in your work.

Do you have major events that need to be covered for a few consecutive weekends? Call for back up. Is checking social media on the weekend is a vital part of your business? Designate a 15-minute slot on Sunday morning to check for fires—then walk away. It’s perfectly fine to unplug your laptop and turn off your phone to recharge yourself; the nonstop nature of social media is not a life sentence!

Do you have any tips for managing your time and keeping sane while managing your company’s social media channels? Share them in the comments. And for more social media advice, follow us on Facebook!

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