How Often Should Brands Post on Social Media?


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You know being active on social media is a must-do for businesses, but do you know how frequently you should be posting?

A social media presence is all about providing value for your customers and you walk a thin line between being informative and annoying. While it’s important to create content, it’s even more important for your content to make the right kind of impact. Strategizing about how often you post on your different channels can help you do just that.

If you’re wondering how frequently you should share content on your channels, check out this helpful guide we’ve compiled, based on research by various marketing platforms, such as Buffer and Social Bakers.


Companies that use Pinterest as part of their marketing plan get favorable results by posting multiple times a day. On the low end, you should aim for 5 pins a day and based on the amount of content you have, and the size of your following, you can go up to 30 per day.

The afternoons and evenings tend to perform better than earlier in the day.


Studies indicate brands should post a minimum of three tweets per day. From there, it’s all about experimenting to find your number. Increase the number of tweets per day and measure the results. Some companies see optimal engagement with five tweets, others have found 10 tweets work best, and so on. Just be sure not to post more than once every hour, unless you’re live tweeting an event.


The agreed upon limit on Facebook is twice per day. Any more could result in a dramatic drop off in likes and comments.


While there doesn’t seem to be a drop off in engagement for multiple postings on Instagram, most major brands post once or twice a day. Whichever number you pick, just be consistent.


No more than once a day on LinkedIn seems to be the agreed-upon rule. Remember since this is a professional networking platform, it’s best to keep from posting on Saturdays and Sundays and stick to sharing during the week.

While this is a good guide to start with, it’s important to remember that when it comes to figuring out the frequency rate for posting on social media, there is no cut and dry answer. One size does not fit all, and the only way to find out what works best for you is to experiment and continually measure your performance to find your sweet spot.

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