How LinkedIn is Helping You Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals

friends forming a hashtag sign on the grassIf you’re a LinkedIn user, you have most likely seen several notifications from your personal and business pages over the past few weeks. We all know and love LinkedIn for it’s networking and career-building tools, and the platform—like every other social channel—is taking steps to improve your results and experience. LinkedIn is fine-tuning and updating its tools to connect you with the best people for your business and help you expose your brand to the right audience.

Here are four ways that LinkedIn can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s connecting with the right leads or educating other professionals about your business.


In the recent months, LinkedIn has made it clear that hashtags are important for its platform. When posting on personal and business pages, a list of suggested hashtags appear in your posting box. You don’t want to ignore these. Choose the ones that are relevant to your post, and add a few of the suggestions aren’t in line with your topic. Using several hashtags can help your post show up on newsfeeds and make your pages more accessible to other professionals.

LinkedIn took a page from Instagram’s book when it started allowing users to follow hashtags. This helps professionals to customize the type of content they see on their feed. Every time you use a hashtag, you’re increasing the chance of your post reaching your target audience.


There was once a time when you could only upload organic videos to your personal posts on LinkedIn. But the professional platform has loosened its reigns and has officially allowed company pages to post organic videos. LinkedIn has stated, “Links to YouTube videos play directly in the LinkedIn feed and usually result in a 75% higher share rate.” With this in mind, imagine what type of engagement and reach a video that is uploaded natively to LinkedIn can generate! LinkedIn has even created a pop-up to highlight its video posting feature and encourages people to use it in order to better the results of the post.

You can capture the attention of a lead or potential partner with a quick share of a link and caption. Click To Tweet


Did you know there were groups on LinkedIn? This tool isn’t very new, but it is one that’s often overlooked. Posting blog posts, articles or just sharing your thoughts in industry groups is another great way to expand your personal and brand presence. You can capture the attention of a lead or potential partner with a quick share of a link and caption. Don’t forget to check out the articles that other professionals share as well, and leave a comment here and there. Just as you clicked on that profile when John Dillard from MMG Inc. gave you kudos for your article share, others will do the same to you.

Learn how to create content for LinkedIn with these three key components.


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