How Do I Create Different Landing Pages for Different Ad Campaigns?

Ads are a great way to generate interest in your product or service, but creating an ad campaign is only half the battle. The other half is the landing page where your potential customers go after they interact with your ad. If you are targeting people who frequent your website, you may want to consider creating different landing pages to match your different ad campaigns. Here are a few things to consider before you build your next set of landing pages.

Use a Relevant Call to Action

Not all calls to action are the same. Depending on your ad, some may work better than others. This is your best chance to help consumers understand exactly what they should do next to access your products or services. Include a CTA on the landing page that matches the ad campaign’s style or uses the language of the targeted audience. For example, if you target Gen Z readers interested in pop culture your language may be more casual than that used for an audience of boomers interested in historical non-fiction. 

Appeal to the Ad’s Target Audience

Great ads target audiences with different interests and show each audience content that will appeal to their demographic. Your landing page needs to be equally appealing and match the driving ad. Having different landing pages for different ad audiences allows you to appeal to each audience individually. This is more effective than attempting to appeal to everyone at once and makes your target audience more likely to stay on the page. Think of your landing page as a continuation of your ad! 

Match the Offer to the Ad

If your ad offers a special incentive, the corresponding landing page should include more details about the incentive and how to obtain it. Ads that are super wordy rarely perform well. You want to catch your audience’s attention quickly and provide the rest of the information on the landing page. Maybe you have different offers for different ads. If so, make sure your landing page details match the ad.


Creating separate landing pages for different ad campaigns is a great way to convert your leads! You tailor your ads to reach different audiences, why not tailor your landing pages too? 


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