Going The Extra Mile on Social Media

Going The Extra Mile on Social MediaThe social media highway is a crowded one. To be successful in such a crowded space, it’s essential that you go the extra mile if you wish to get ahead of the competition and stay there. Going the extra mile doesn’t mean you need to work 16 hour days. But it does mean adopting a different mindset, one that looks at the larger picture, the many moving parts as a whole rather than individual tasks to be checked off a to-do list. While we can’t help you avoid rush hour on your daily commute, we can offer a way to get you out of the bumper-to-bumper traffic that’s bogging down the social media lane. It’s time to take to the open road!

The Content Is Just The Beginning

It’s easy to fall into the habit of creating and posting your content to your Facebook page or Instagram account and calling it a day. The posting process is just the beginning! Rather than forgetting about your content the moment after you share it, learn from it. Who’s engaging with it? Just as importantly, who’s not engaging with it?. If it’s a blog, look at the traffic it’s driving. Are users clicking through to your backlinks? Are they spending time on your website? Try to uncover what the user’s intent is, what they are looking to get out of your content. You can’t truly understand your audience’s wants and needs without doing a little exploring.

Leave Fear By The Wayside

Stop being afraid to test new strategies and tactics. Does this mean your ideas will work every time? No. In fact, more often than not, your ideas won’t work. But that’s part of the process! Going the extra mile means not being afraid to fail. On the open social media road, there is no “failing.” There is only an experience, an experiment to be learned from and using it to spur you forward.

Focus on Your Goal

This requires you to set a goal. While that might sound obvious, you’d be surprised how many brands on social media skip this step. But without a goal, what’s the point of being on social media? Floating around aimlessly is a waste of yours and your followers’ time.

Whatever that goal may be, it should be in the back of your mind always. The big picture. Every little thing you do, be it sharing a blog post or responding to a Facebook comment is taking you step closer to that goal. This kind of thinking gives value to your more menial, sometimes mind-numbing tasks. It will also help give you direction– if there’s a task that doesn’t seem to be projecting you forward, it might be time to re-evaluate your strategy. There’s no point in wasting precious time if it isn’t helping you achieve what you set out to do!

When you do extra, you get extra. If you’re taking time to create a social media presence, make the most out of it! Click To Tweet

When you do extra, you get extra. And if you’re taking the time to create a social media presence, you might as well make the most out of it! For more social media tips, tricks, and techniques, explore our blog or follow us on Facebook!






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