Twitter Reveals a New Look

Jun 2017

Your Twitter feed looks a little different!

The social giant refreshed its look, revealing a cleaner interface that not only looks better but runs faster and smoother too!

Meanwhile, Facebook is putting control back in the hands of advertisers with a series of new features, and Instagram is keeping paid partnerships crystal clear with a new transparency feature in this week’s social media trends.


Facebook’s Newest Advertising Edge

Facebook is doing everything in its power to keep its throne at the top of the social media advertising hierarchy with new changes that will give advertisers more control over where their ads are being placed as well as the audiences they are being delivered to.

And this may be the biggest improvement for users running ads: A new pre-campaign transparency feature will also give advertisers access to a publisher list of where their ads will run when using Facebook’s popular Audience Network feature. For a full list of new advertising features, click here.


‘Paid Partnership’ Tags Coming To Instagram

Listen up influencers and brand representatives: Instagram is doing its part to ensure your paid social campaigns are completely legal and headache free.

The platform will soon be rolling out a new easy to use partnership tool, which will provide clarity for all sponsored relationships in light of new FCC regulations.

You can expect to see the newest feature within the next few weeks.


Twitter’s Facelift Promises Faster UI

Twitter’s newly designed user interface has promised to not only make the app faster but also has delivered a series of tweaks to many of the issues the platform’s millions of users have complained about over the years.

The most noticeable change is a new side navigation menu aimed at cutting down clutter, with additional visual updates such as bolder headlines and rounded profile photos helping to keep navigation simpler and easier.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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