Facebook’s Secret Tool to Help You Grow Your Page Following

Stuck in a rut? After a few months of Facebook marketing, you may find yourself plateauing when it comes to growing your company page following. You’ve invited your friends, spent money on “page like” ads, and still, you can’t get over the hump. But there’s a better way. Hidden inside your company page is a secret tool that will allow you to invite anyone who has engaged with your post to like your page. But how does it work?

As you post your daily Facebook content, pay attention to who is liking your posts. A few hours after posting, check back at the post and click on the names of those who have liked your post. This will prompt a pop up, which allows you to invite anyone who has liked the post to now like your page. This hidden tool is free to use and can make all the difference when it comes to increasing your page follower count.

The secret’s out! Now that you know about the tool and know how to access the “Invite to Like” popup, there are a few ways you can increase your post engagement, and in turn, increase the amount of users that you can later “invite.”

Encourage Sharing

You should always include a call to action in the copy of each of your Facebook posts. This tells your audience what you want them to do, and how you want them to interact with your content. By encouraging sharing, you are telling your audience you want them to help you get your post out to more people. When your followers share your post, you’re getting out in front of a whole new audience who has yet to be invited to like your page.

Tag other Pages

Similarly, if you tag other companies or organizations in your content, you are increasing your chances of your content being shared. If the company has a big following, you are tapping into their audience and opening up the opportunity to invite even more people to like your page.

Run a Website Traffic or Engagement Ad

“Page likes” ads can be costly, but there’s a better way to reach your audience with Facebook advertising, while still increasing the number of fans who like your page. Instead, run a website traffic or engagement ad. These type of ads are more cost efficient, so you will be getting more bang for your buck when it comes to ad spend. By running a page likes ad, you are driving users to your website while having the opportunity to invite anyone who likes the ad to like your page. The same works for engagement ads. For engagement advertisements, you will be charged when someone interacts with your post. This boosted post advertises your business to new users, and can also be used to invite anyone who likes the post to like your page.

Facebook’s “Invite to Like” feature will ignite your company page and give you immediate results. Coupled with strong, effective content and smart advertising, you can start to grow your audience right away. This feature is not the only hidden tool within Facebook. Read about how you can target specific audiences with Facebook’s post targeting tool here.

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