Facebook Messenger Ads Go Global: What Advertisers Needs To Know

Facebook Messenger Ads Go Global: What Advertisers Needs To Know
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Facebook is giving advertisers direct access to an entirely new demographic thanks to its global expansion of ads directly from within Messenger.

Meanwhile, Pinterest is letting users search for specific styles and content in a new way thanks to newly released AI powered “West Elm Style Finder,” and Instagram is letting users get creative with “Stories” in this week’s social media trends.


‘Style Finder’ Perfects The Art Of Digital Searching

 We’ve all been there before. You just got home from a long day in the city and found the perfect coffee table to match your new apartment, but you don’t remember the name of the brand or where to even begin searching for it online.

Thanks to a new Pinterest search tool by retailer West Elm, those days are now long behind us.

The new “Style Finder” search tool will let users search through thousands of images and styles of home décor by simply linking to a Pinterest board, and through the power of AI, will be offered recommendations based on the Pinned styles. The Style Finder can be accessed here.

It’s time to start thinking about ways you can utilize Pinterest’s AI powdered search technology to take your online presence to the next level.


Instagram Shakes Up ‘Stories’ With Video and Photo Replies

Who wants to spend their time replying to an “Instagram Stories” post when you can easily send a creative photo or video?

Instagram is allowing users to do just that with its latest ‘Stories’ update, a move that yet again closely mirrors that of competitor Snapchat.

From Boomerangs to selfies, users can now instantly reply to their friends’ Story posts by simply tapping on the camera icon on the upper right hand of the post they want to reply.

Instagram is shaking things up with its popular 'Stories' feature. Here's how! Click To Tweet

Instagram Stories is one of the newest frontiers for marketers and advertisers, so it’s in the platform’s best interest to keep the feature fun and engaging.


Facebook Goes Global With Messenger Ads

Following on the success of Messenger’s initial beta tests, Facebook will now go global with its advertising options on the popular communication app.

In a recent blog, Facebook says the ads “will give users more of an opportunity to discover brands and business straight from the Messenger home tab.”

Once users click on a particular ad, they will be taken straight to an advertisers website, limiting the amount of time and efforts it takes for customers to make a purchase.

The new ad feature will be rolled out slowly through the month of July and will pick up traction as more information is collected on how to make the ads more effective.

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