Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest’s Interests Targeting

Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest’s Interests TargetingWant to know the best thing about Pinterest? No, it’s not the popular avocado toast variations or the gallery wall tutorial. It’s not even about the easy wedding DIY tutorials. The best thing about Pinterest is the people who interact with these pins.


Unlike social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is solely about the user. Sure, you can go on someone’s Facebook profile and find out they’re obsessed with Gilmore Girls or Marvel movies, but they’re also talking about friendship drama and liking family pictures they may feel obligated to like.


Pinterest, on the other hand, is like an escape where they’re allowed to be completely themselves, and create digital vision boards for various aspects of their lives. What should I cook this week? How do I achieve a contemporary modern look in my home? What kind of abs workouts will get me the best results?


Pinterest Interests Targeting

Pinterest is giving you the opportunity to target these interests with ads, which means marketing gold. The platform boasts 200 million monthly users and 100 billion pins, which means there is no shortage of customers and no shortage of content. The platform has positioned itself as a search engine for users to find nearly whatever their heart desires, which is also a benefit for brands. Marketers have over 6,000 interests available for nearly any market to help them reach their target audience.


Interests Targeting Best Practices

When creating your ad in Ads Manager, you’ll be faced with choosing your interests and keywords. Before proceeding, it’s important you understand the difference between the two.

  • Interests are based on a user’s past searches and pins they have previously interacted with.
  • Keywords target users who are actively searching.

Pinterest advises that you use both Interest and Keyword features to receive the best ad results.


We’re sure you’ll ask yourself, “How many interests should I choose?” Pinterest allows you to choose a broad interest and then select more specific sub-interests. If you’re targeting based on a general interest like travel or makeup, you’ll want to go with about 5-10 interests. If you’re targeting based on a niche interest like airstreams or lipstick, it’s recommended that you choose at least two-dozen interests.

Home Again received a 52% higher than average video completion rate using interests targeting. Click To Tweet

Benefits of Interest Targeting

If you’re wondering what the catch is, don’t worry we had the same thought. Does it cost more? Does it target fewer people? Is it only available for one ad format? These are all questions we had, so let’s address them.


  • There are no spending limits for interests targeting, even if you use it simultaneously with keywords (queue cheering).
  • Interests can be used with any ad format, whether you’re creating a video or image-based ad.
  • Reporting is available for keyword and interests, so you can compare multiple ad results.
  • Interests targeting helps your ad gain even more exposure. Pinterest released a case study of Open Roads Film’s “Home Again.” Their ad received a 52% higher than average video completion rate using interests targeting.


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