Creative Ways to Use Facebook’s ‘Get Calls’ or ‘Get Messages’ Post Features

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Facebook’s private messenger and “Call Now” button gives consumers a more convenient way to communicate with businesses. Now social media’s largest platform is also helping you get more creative with an update to its posting interface. The “get messages” and “get phone calls” features allow businesses to create a post that encourages customers to get in touch with your brand.

When you click on either option, it pulls up a default example of your post. It automatically uses your banner as the image—which can be changed—and includes the name and a brief description of your business underneath. The greatest advantage of this feature is that you can create targeted content that drives your audience to click on the button.

Here are a few creative ways you can make the most out of these new post options on your business page.

Customer Service

Remind your audience that you or your team can answer questions and address any problems they might be experiencing. Some customers prefer to speak to a representative on the phone, while others don’t have the time and would rather send a quick message. Give them the option by alternating between both features when encouraging customer service communication.

Service Promotion

If you are promoting a service or event, the message or calling feature can encourage sign-ups. Including a post that directs your followers to a sign-up page can be effective, but some people may need a little persuading. If you publish a “call now” or “send message” post asking customers to contact you for more information, you can connect with those who are unsure about your service. This allows you to provide more insight on why the service will be beneficial to them and give them a little push in the sign-up direction.

Learn More About My Business

Rather than always directing your audience to the about page of your site, offer a chance to learn more about your business by getting in touch. Whether they are speaking to you or a representative, the conversation will allow them to ask specific questions or address any concerns. This is also an opportunity to create a connection with your audience and promotes your product or service in a one-on-one setting.

These new features have opened the door for convenient communication between businesses and customers. Using these posts can help decrease the chance of your audience overlooking the “call now” call to action on your page and reminds them to communicate through messenger. If you want to create more opportunities to connect with your audience and make a more meaningful impact, you’ll take advantage of these actions.

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