Content Creation Ideas to Spice Up Your Social Media Posting

When it comes to social media, consistency is key, right? Of course! But there’s just one problem, what do you talk about every day? Sure there are products and services to promote, company news to share and articles to post. But that combination can get old really quickly. Even if you have a content calendar filled with a variety of interesting things to post, your audience may get bored watching that same types of content come week after week.

Have no fear; we’ve cooked up some creative ideas to help you add some spice to your channels, so your audience is always craving more.

Turn Old Content into Videos

‘Videos > Everything’ is our motto when posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media users love video, which is why they perform so much better on these platforms. So why not turn your content into videos? Use blog posts, testimonials, the services page on your site, or even posts you’ve created in the past and put them in your content. Add some imagery and some background music, and you’re good to go!

Share/Retweet Audience Content

This takes care of your audience interaction and your content. People love when brands share and interact with their posts. In fact, they are starting to expect it. When consumers tag a brand with a question or post a picture of a product, they are expecting or at least hoping to get some form of recognition from that brand; and as they should. They have supported your business and even took the time to tag you on social media so the least brands can do is show gratitude through interaction. It’s now also a part of good customer service and builds trust and loyalty amongst your customers.

Create a Series

Everyone has something to say, especially when you own a business. If you’re feeling like your content could use some sprucing, a series is a great place to start. If you’re a more professional industry, sharing advice in a weekly live video or hosting monthly Q&A sessions are great ways to deliver valuable information to your audience. If you’re more of a creative brand, these ideas may work for you too. Or you can do live tutorials or invite guest speakers/influencers on your page to do live interviews or takeovers.

Authorize a Takeover

That brings us to our next idea! Takeovers are really simple collaborations that work magic for your engagement and your follower count. Allowing an influencer access to your channels for the day can help to attract their audience to your page as well as peak your current audience’s interest. If you’re considering this for the future, it’s important to set a goal and have a plan of action. Ask yourself:

What do we want to accomplish from this takeover?

When is the best time to have this influencer post on our page?

Is the even that we want the influencer to cover?

What will he/she post about?

This information will not only help you, but the person posting as well. Giving someone else control of your channels is a major responsibility; you will want to give them as much guidance and information that you can so they are actively helping you achieve your goal. Don’t forget to provide a list of don’ts to help them stick to your brand values.

We have more tips to help make sure your content always sizzles with spice. Our Fall 2018 Social Media Bootcamp is fast approaching in October, and we’ll be sharing all or secret ingredients for creating compelling content.



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