Breaking Through the Noise | Social Media Help Desk Episode 29

Sep 2018

We’re taking the Social Media Help Desk on the road! This week, KWSM president and Help Desk host, Katie Wagner, is live in our new Las Vegas office sitting down with content editors, Enes Ozekin and Amanda Llewellyn, to talk about all of the latest social media headlines and this week’s top featured topics: snackable content and how to use social media as a PR tool.


Many companies would be elated to have 250 consistent customers using their services, but can you imagine 250 million? Katie and the panel are discussing how Pinterest is the latest social media platform to reach over 250 million active users and more of this week’s trending social media topics.


Sometimes, all you need is a snack to satisfy your hunger and curb your appetite. The same goes for online content! Enes is breaking down snackable content and why you should be utilizing “bite sizes” posts to break through the noise online as a part of your social media marketing strategy.


You’re a professional in your own right – let it be known! Amanda is talking all things Public Relations and how you can use your social media channels as a PR tool.


Not sure how to put these tips into play? We’re here to help. This October, our KWSM Orange County office is holding our annual October Social Media Bootcamp. These weekly classes focus on 5 of the main social media channels and how to best utilize them to promote your business. There are a limited number of spots available for each class. Register for one or all on our site here.


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