Why Your Website Needs a Lead Magnet

May 2020

Lead generation has become a hot topic among business owners. At the top of the agenda is having a lead magnet available on their company website, to gather emails from prospects.why-your-website-needs-a-lead-magnet

There are several reasons why you should have a lead magnet. I’ll explain how you decide what kind of lead magnet is right for your business. 

What’s a Lead Magnet? 

A lead magnet is a piece of content that is only accessible if the website visitor provides information. This allows the potential customer to take action before the purchase decision has been reached. Depending on the information that the website visitor needs to provide, the lead magnet helps you begin to get to know your customer and start building trust. Once they are ready to buy, you are more likely to win the business. 

Most often we see lead magnets in the form of an eBook or Whitepaper. In order to download the PDF, the website visitor is generally asked to provide their name, phone number, and email address. However, we have also seen lead magnets like Quizzes or an Audit be very effective. These lead magnets spit out information automatically once the website visitor answers a series of questions or sends in their company website URL. 

What Are the Best Lead Magnets? 

In order to decide the best lead magnet for your business, you need to determine the objective. Companies that want to get their lead magnet to drive sales calls should consider investing significant resources and customizing their lead magnet. The best type of lead magnet for this objective is an Audit or Webinar. These are both engaging pieces of content and are most likely to lead to a conversation. 

On the other hand, companies who want to get their foot in the door early should consider lead magnets that resolve a problem or provide information. Commonly used lead magnets are Cheat Sheets, Templates, or Checklists. If you have the resources to invest, the best lead magnet is long-form information such as an Industry Report or whitepaper. While these freebies are not likely to lead to a purchase decision, they are a great way to connect with prospects and get them to become customers.  

How Do You Make a Lead Magnet Effective?

Deciding the type of lead magnet is the easy part. The most difficult part is to determine the topic of the lead magnet and how you bring the information to your lead. This part of the process is what determines the effectiveness of your lead magnet. If the topic is not interesting to your customer, you may never actually generate any downloads. While there is not really a way of knowing exactly what your customers need, you can do competitor research and analyze keyword trends to make an educated decision. You may also want to consider surveying your existing customers to find out what they struggled most with before making their decision to work with you. 

At the same time, we recommend that you think about what questions you ask your leads to provide answers to. The more questions you have in your form, the less likely you will get leads. In order to get your contact form to convert, be sure to only ask for the information you need and nothing more.

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