Best Practices For Creating Video Content At Home

May 2020

Was video part of your digital marketing strategy this year, but now you are working from home? 

While quarantine does put limitations on video capabilities, it shouldn’t stop your business from using it as a powerful means to reach and connect with your target audience.  


When it comes to creating video content from home, there is no need to worry about having a fancy production. Your audience understands that businesses are following “Safer At Home” regulations, therefore they will not expect top tier quality. In fact, this type of authenticity is what consumers are looking for. 


Here’s how to make the most out of creating video content from home: 


Set Up Your Background 

While your home is not going to look as “professional” as your work office, there are certainly ways to create an environment that resonates with your brand. Find a space in your home that coincides with the message you are conveying to your audience. A clean background will help eliminate distractions and keep your audience engaged. Along with the visual background, it’s essential to avoid any places in the home that are noisy or may have more foot traffic. 


Be Mindful Of Body Language 

The manner in which you present yourself on camera will affect your communication. Nonverbal cues such as posture and eye contact may seem like minor things, but they make all the difference. Act as if your audience is right in front of you in person. Fidgeting or looking away from the camera will cause distractions or present the wrong idea. Change out of your quarantine sweats and into your normal workwear to help you get in the “zone”. 


Double Check The Audio 

Before you begin, have a few test runs in place to ensure your voice is heard clearly. Because your audience is unable to reach you during the actual video, it’s important for them to be able to hear and understand the valuable content you are sharing with them. Testing this out before filming real content can save you from retakes. Fortunately, most smartphones will have strong enough audio technology to share your message. 


Life in quarantine is not easy, but there are always new avenues and creative approaches available to strengthen your marketing strategy. 


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