The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make on Social Media

Apr 2017
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Trust is an important factor in all relationships. Whether it is a romantic, personal, or professional relationship, trust is a consistent factor that all strong connections are built. The bond between you and your social media audience is no different. To be successful on social media, you must be trustworthy to your audience. The biggest mistake businesses make on social media is breaking that trust (or never having it at all) by being inauthentic. These blunders are sure to put you at risk of losing your audience.

Not Having a Brand Voice

Before you start posting, think about what you want your brand voice to be. How do you want to be heard by your audience? Once you have your personality sorted out, try your best to keep it consistent across all channels. Make sure you are using the same language on every social media platform.

Posting Duplicated Content

The authenticity of your content goes out the window if you start posting the same content on all of your social media channels. Replicated content seems automated and thoughtless to your audience. Odds are, you’ll have fans that follow your company on different platforms. Keep the content unique to each channel. Your audience will appreciate your efforts and they will have a reason to stay subscribed to you in different places.

Sending Automated Responses

The bots are here; don’t be tempted with the ability to share automated messages with your followers. Your audience is smart, and they know when a message is sent out specifically to them or was automatically generated. Social media should be personal, and there is nothing more impersonal then getting an auto-reply from a computer when you just wanted to reach out to someone online. Be prompt with your replies, but keep them sincere and authentic. Your audience will appreciate the honest response, even if there’s a slight delay.

Buying Followers

It’s no secret that having a lot of followers can give your social media channels some creditability, but you won’t fool anyone by buying fake followers. If anything, having a large following, but with low engagement (likes and comments), will be a red flag to real followers or potential clients looking to follow your account. Network online to grow your followers. Start conversations and interact with other channels, and your following will grow in a way that is beneficial to your channel.

Treat your social media followers like your friends; don’t risk your relationship by making this crucial social media faux pas. Your online persona is a representation of your brand, stay true to who you are. If you’re interested in learning more about the dos and don’ts of social media, we’d love to have you at our upcoming May Bootcamp! This is the only bootcamp of the summer, so be sure to sign up while you can. Learn more about our KWSM Social Media Bootcamp here.




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