Author: Taylor David

How to use Brand Storytelling to Connect with Your Customers

Who is the hero of your brand story? This question is critical to how we at KWSM help our clients connect with their customers. Because if the hero of your company’s story is yourself, you’ve got a problem. With the right framework, you can optimize your messaging to better connect

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Leveling Up Social Media Ads

Leveling Up Social Media Ads | KWSM Mentorship Program

August is back-to-school season for many families, and at KWSM: a digital marketing agency, it’s not so different. Continued learning is a pillar of our agency, and this takes many different forms. One of our favorites? The KWSM Mentorship Program! A couple of times a year, the KWSM team splits

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How KWSM’s CEO Learned to Lead

An effective leader’s impact continues to motivate and inspire those around them, even years into the future. Many companies today achieve greatness because of someone who influenced their leaders years before.   For the past 10 years, KWSM has been piloted by our fearless leader and President/CEO, Katie Wagner. While

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Setting Goals and Creating a Vision with the EOS Model

The quarantine and stay-at-home order has kept many of us from our normal rituals, but the power of technology, and a little flexibility from our team, ensures that nothing keeps us from our quarterly professional development workshops.    Each quarter, the KWSM Team gets together for an afternoon of growth

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How Proper Onboarding Can Shape Your Work Experience

Company culture starts from day 1. It’s true that most of us will never forget our first day at a new job. It can be nerve-racking walking into the office for the first time, thinking about where you’ll eat lunch and when you should make small talk with your coworkers.

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KWSM Mentorship: Working Together for a Bigger Purpose

At KWSM, our clients’ needs always come first and we want to make sure they know upfront what we think they need to succeed. This transparency is an important value our agency stands behind and was the genesis behind a recent project for the KWSM Mentorship Program.    For this

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What KWSM CEO Katie Wagner Taught Me About Leadership

 While we hate to admit it, we live in a world where superheroes don’t exist. We can’t read minds, we don’t have superspeed, and even though we wish we could, we can’t just teleport to our next meeting. But not all heroes wear capes. And while we know the heroes

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Saying YES to New Challenges | Photoshop Mentorship Project

At KWSM, our motto has always been “Just Say Yes,” something our agency doesn’t just say, but practices each and every day. But what happens when our own skills and capabilities are hindering our ability to say yes? Yes to new creative ideas, campaigns, and glass ceiling propositions. As a

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Core Values at KWSM a digital marketing agency