Stop Making This Major Email Marketing Mistake!

Sep 2017
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One of the biggest mistakes you can make when diving into the email marketing ocean is not putting effort into building a quality email list. It seems so obvious, right? We think so, but you’d be shocked at how many brands find themselves with a beautifully crafted e-mail marketing campaign and no audience to send it to.

Without an email list, your e-blast has nowhere to go. When this happens, businesses often resort to buying emails – that’s a mistake! Sure, it might seem like a quick solution to your problem, but you’ll soon find out it may not have been your best move.

Here’s the problem: the people on the receiving end of these emails don’t know who you are, which usually results in these people unsubscribing, or worse, marking you as spam. When email service providers see high levels of unsubscribes and spam, they freeze your account (they dislike purchased lists even more than we do!).

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The key to a successful email marketing campaign is to reach out to those who have expressed an interest in your brand. Start with emails you’ve collected from past or current customers. From there, you can begin growing your list. Here are a few ways to do that…

Create Quality Content

If you want people to stay subscribed to your emails and forward them on to users not yet on your list, you need to give them valuable and relevant content that interests them. Whether it’s special offers, informational content, or discount codes, give them something to keep them wanting more.

Put A Sign-up Form On Your Website

When someone new visits your website, greet them with a sign-up form. Give them the opportunity to opt in, but make sure they have the option to opt out. Remember, you’re requesting personal information, and if you’re too pushy, people are going to be left with a bad taste in their mouth. Make the “What’s in it for me?” crystal clear. If you give people an idea of what they can expect in return for providing their email, they’re much more likely to sign up.

Use Social Media

Here’s why it works – your social media followers know who you are and like your brand (why else would they be following you?). There are many ways to collect emails through social, from using Twitter Cards to adding a sign-up button to your Facebook Page. You can even run a lead generation ad on Facebook.


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