Facebook Rolls Out The Red Carpet For New ‘Watch’ Video Hub

Sep 2017
Facebook Rolls Out The Red Carpet For New ‘Watch’ Video Hub
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Netflix? Amazon Prime Video? According to Facebook, they are all just old news!

The social juggernaut is gearing up to release its highly anticipated new video hub ‘Watch.’

Meanwhile, Instagram is taking the next step to reach new audiences like never before with its Stories feature by expanding to desktop, and YouTube is giving its branding a facelift, rolling out a newly optimized viewing experience for its millions of users in this week’s social media trends!

Instagram Stories Goes Desktop

 The only thing worse than having your smart phone go dead on you after a long day at the office is opening your desktop only to realized how limited your favorite app’s user experience is on desktop.

Instagram is aiming to change that with its latest addition of desktop support for Stories. While this certainly is a great add to its otherwise simplistic desktop experience, the real benefit goes to users with lower connectivity across the globe.

Stories has quickly become one of Instagram’s most popular functions.

YouTube Unveils New Logo, Additional Viewing Experiences

 Never one to take the back seat when it comes to video optimization and user experience, YouTube has unveiled new plans via its official blog to release a new set of features aimed at experimenting and improving video delivery.

After launching over 12 years ago (can you believe that?) and offering limited video support, the latest features will include:


  • 4k, 360 degree video, HD, SD, 3-D and live video streaming
  • One tap 10 second rewind or fast forward
  • Cleaned up design, logo and more


While these new features seem like great additions on the surface, the real competitive edge comes to users and developers who want to experiment with cutting edge new video technologies.

Facebook Introduces Watch

 If you’ve somehow stumbled upon a new video section within your Facebook app that threw you for a loop, you’re not alone!

The platform is actively rolling out its new highly anticipated Video Hub ‘Watch’ feature, which will offer free streaming options on hundreds of new original content digital shorts.

Facebook Is Changing The Game When It Comes To Video Streaming With New 'Watch Share on X

Initially, paid content creators will fuel most of the content, but the platform has plans to open video content creation to everyone (Here’s looking at you, YouTube!)

So what does this feature really mean to you? It’s simple: Advertising.

The new Watch hub will give digital marketers and advertisers a brand new playing field to pitch products, expand their reach, etc. How can you leverage this new exciting feature for your business?

We know there’s a ton of social media news being pumped out there every single day, so we’ve done the work for you and consolidated into one handy space.

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