How to Find Images that Tell Your Brand’s Story

Sep 2014
Photo credit: @nindianda
Photo credit: @nindianda

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, there’s something that rings true about this age-old expression. But how can you make these pictures say all the right things about your business? It’s not always easy finding images that work with your content strategy, let alone finding ones that convey your brand’s social identity.

Luckily, there are more than a few ways to find and create images without the need for confusing and expensive platforms. Check out some of the ideas below and start growing a library of beautiful content!

Get Your Design On

Sites like Canva or PicMonkey help users create high-quality, custom images with a few clicks of the mouse. To save time and create a stockpile of interesting content, try experimenting with a customized template. Once you decide on a look that you really like, just change the text to include different thoughts, facts or bits of trivia. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this branded content adds up!

Let the Crowd do the Talking

What better way to get people involved and create social proof than to ask customers for their favorite snapshots? For example, an automotive company could ask for users to tweet pictures with their first car on #TBT. A travel blog could ask for a picture from their favorite restaurant abroad. Or, a nail polish brand could ask to see their user’s favorite manicure. In addition to gaining some great visual content, a company page shows that they listen to and appreciate what their users are posting online.

Go Mobile

As many of us know, mobile apps can be a godsend for busy marketers on the move. WordSwag is an excellent tool for laying words over images in beautiful and creative ways without monopolizing your graphic designer’s time. If your company provides a product or service that translates well over video, Videohance is like having a professional editor in your pocket. Both tools are worth the investment for cost-conscious companies, and are available in the iOS App Store for less than the cost of your morning latte.

Search on Pinterest

Considering that every pin needs a picture, Pinterest is a goldmine for visual content. Whether you’re searching for beautiful photos, inspirational quotes or funny memes, the social networking site has you covered. Pay special interest to your target demographic, gaining some insight to the types of posts that resonate with them. Then find similar posts and start sharing!

Take Some Photos of Your Own

Are there fun ways you can display your company’s brand or theme? Thanks to the personable nature of social networking sites, pictures don’t always have to be professional resolution to be sharable. Sleepwear brand P.J. Salvage uses the owner’s French Bulldog in images that aren’t necessarily related to pajamas, but have a connection with the line’s fans. Think of what connections your brand can make with its audience, grab a camera or your Smartphone and have some fun!

While these are some of our favorite tools, there is no shortage of new ways to get visual. Did we miss anything? Share your favorite way to curate images in the comments.

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