How Las Vegas Brands Can Leverage Pinterest

Oct 2020

Pinterest has more than 320 million active users each month and can significantly help expand the local reach of your brand. Consumers use Pinterest to plan their next adventure, be inspired by recipes or plan remodels of their homes. What’s even more powerful about the platform is the ability for Las Vegas brands to influence purchasing decisions. 58% of Pinterest users make purchases based on pins they’ve seen in their feed. Here’s how you can start leveraging Pinterest in your Las Vegas digital marketing strategy.

Showcase Your Personality

Every business has a unique story and Pinterest is a great way to share yours with Las Vegas locals. Tell your story by posting pins that show who you are and where you came from. Create boards that focus on what your brand cares about and why you chose Las Vegas to be your home base. Whether you began as a startup in your garage or had a pop-up at different First Friday events, your story will help convince potential customers of why they should choose your products or services. 

Increase Your Leads

No matter what industry you are in, Pinterest can help drive traffic to your website and result in high-value leads. If you’re a local gym, your brand can benefit from using Pinterest by pinning custom workouts, food plans, fitness challenges, and even testimonials. If you are a service-focused business, you can reap the same benefits by establishing yourself as an expert in your industry and sharing reviews. Both of these strategies will help bring more users to your site and direct them to a specific contact form, sign-up page, or product. 

Expand Your Reach

Posting regularly and sharing new content often is the key to expanding your reach on Pinterest. Topical and community-related pins are great options for connecting with your local audience and showing them that you know Vegas. Get creative and pin images or videos of your brand in notable places around the city and serving others in the community. If your budget allows, you can also sponsor your pins or create Pinterest ads that will help you specifically target Las Vegas customers interested in your products or services.

Pinterest was created to inspire. Image and video pins can help can you visually connect with Las Vegas locals and show them why your brand is the best. As a result, you’ll have access to a larger customer base and grow your business in a whole new way.

megaphone47% of pinners log onto Pinterest to shop.

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