In the News: Google Elevates Google Analytics as Facebook and Twitter Add New Features

Oct 2020

As we head closer to the holidays, many social media platforms are gearing up with extra tools and features.

Google Updates Google Analytics

Google has added some new updates to Google Analytics, including machine learning to help monitor and track key data trends, and alert marketers and business owners to new opportunities.

Google has also added new predictive metrics, including potential revenue you could earn from a particular group of customers.

Facebook Adds New Ad Features

In preparation for Christmas in just 65 days, Facebook has been working on tweaking their Facebook ads to help businesses drive more advertising results. 

The first update Facebook added is the ability to create Instagram ads with product tags. This allows you to add Instagram’s product tags directly to paid promotions.

Businesses will also be able to create custom audience options to help them retarget people who’ve shown a direct interest in purchasing from them. To complement this, Facebook is also launching a new test of discount features for Facebook and Instagram shops in the US.

Twitter Lets Users Share Topic Listings in Tweets and DMs

Discovery has been a key focus for Twitter as a way to make the platform easier to understand. To help boost tweet discovery, Twitter is now giving users the option to share topic listings.  Users can send a link to the topic in a Tweet, DM, or post it outside of Twitter.


The average social media user has 8.3 different social accounts

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