Best Practices For Your Facebook “About” Description

While there are plenty of social media platforms out there for businesses to utilize and connect with their audience, there is nothing quite like Facebook. With billions of active users every single day, having a Facebook page is crucial to expanding your business. If you want to bolster its value, there’s one section we recommend spending some time on.


When setting up your Facebook business page, one of the most important steps is filling out the “About” section completely. As users land on your page for the first time, they want to get to know your brand in the most authentic way possible. Your “About” section can be an extremely important driver of action for your audience.


Filling out this section correctly requires more than just the bare minimum. In order to get the best outcomes from your page, your brand must take advantage of every opportunity to convey your message.


Use these practices when filling out your “About” section to optimize your page:


Create A Compelling Story

Having a business page on Facebook allows you to tell your brand’s story in depth. The “Our Story” section on Facebook gives more space than most platforms allow.  It’s important to take advantage.


Craft that story and then share it with your audience in the “Our Story” section. Most users will only read this once, so tell your story in a way that reflects your brand’s values.




Ensure All Contact Info Is Available

Aside from your website, social media platforms are another main source for your audience to find your website, email, phone number and address. Make it easy for them to reach you by having every piece of contact information available to them. Facebook has great tools to help guide your audience through calls, messaging, email, and physical directions.

Along with contact information, make sure you fill out your business hours. Keep this updated by changing it for specific holidays as well, so your audience is consistently getting the correct knowledge about your business. Your consumers will notice and appreciate the effort that goes into making these minor changes.



Don’t Forget The Details

The details within your “About” section are key to making your business’s page stand out. Put thought into each section. Your audience will appreciate every piece of information.

Filling out sections such as “Milestones” can give your brand the chance to understand your company culture. What moments in your business have been important? Sharing these internal successes and changes with your audience will help them feel connected to you.  





Your visitors want to know all about your business and the “About” section is the perfect place to share that with them.


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