Facebook Tests CTA Stickers in Stories

Jan 2019

2019 is officially here, and social media companies just keep on changing their apps with new and exciting features! Facebook just started testing call-to-action (CTA) Stickers that businesses can add to their Stories. Instagram did a quick U-turn after launching a new format. Snapchat released filters for dogs that dog owners are going to love! Here’s the latest news in the world of social media.

Facebook Tests CTA Stickers on Stories

Facebook is testing out CTA Stickers in order to help businesses that use Facebook Stories. These CTA Stickers include the same CTA options (“Shop Now,” “Book Now,” “Call Now,” and “Get Directions”) that appear in the header of Facebook Pages. Facebook hopes that more businesses will begin to use digital marketing on their platform through Stories and end their Stories with these CTA Stickers. As video continues to grow to become the dominant medium for social media, businesses would be wise to implement these Stickers in their marketing strategies. Facebook is expected to continue to roll out new features for Businesses to use in Stories that will help them connect with more existing and potential customers.

Instagram Changes Feed Format & Backpedals

If you are like most Instagram users, then you’ve probably noticed that Instagram’s feed went through a big change. Instagram unexpectedly switched to a tap-through feed and users were having none of it! Instagram called it a bug, but many believed the platform was testing out a new format that simply bombed. The app’s feed quickly went back to the way it normally looks. Instagram claims that the feed change was intended to be a test to a small pool of users but accidentally rolled out to all users. In all likelihood, Instagram will test the new format, or other formats, in select users’ feeds as part of ongoing efforts to optimize the app.

Snapchat Unveils Lenses for Dogs

Dog owners rejoice! Snapchat just released Lenses for dogs, and it’s going to fill you with puppy love! Some dog Lenses will put butterflies on dog noses, pizzas on their heads, and of course glasses on their furry faces. This is a great way for your canine buddies to join in on all of the fun and excitement happening on Snapchat! Maybe we will even see our first doggy influencer on Snapchat snapping each day and sharing great content to mobile screens around the world.

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