A Guide To Instagram’s New Creative Features

Photo credit: @thememoji
Photo credit: @thememoji

Whenever I look at my Instagram photos I’m amazed at the beauty my smart phone has captured. My life looks so good on Instagram and it’s quickly becoming my favorite social media channel.

My friend’s lives look even better and I soon discovered why: Instagram released new creative tools!

Normally, I ignore mobile app updates for weeks on end. I just don’t have time to download “quick fixes.” However, when I learned about the Instagram release, I immediately updated the app and took a look around.


Here is a brief overview of the new Instagram features:

Start with uploading a photo from your camera roll into the app or take one while inside the app. I took this one of our office lobby, however photos with people in them always perform better on Instagram.

Note the size, colors, and shadows in this photo.

Instagram Updates










Once the photo is inside the Instagram app you will see your normal filters on the bottom of the screen.  At first glance they appear to be the same filters you have to come to love.

Instagram Updates















However, now you can double tap a filter to choose the intensity level. After you have tapped move the slider from left to right to adjust the level.

This is a good place to keep your branding in mind when you using Instagram to grow your business. For example, if your brand uses vibrant colors choose filter levels for your images that mirror this.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 8.57.52 AM















The app also has new editing tools for once you have selected a filter. These can be found by selecting the wrench icon on the right side of your screen. This will open up another toolbox of features.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.01.30 AM















Perhaps the most improved feature from the update is the crop and adjust improvement. Instagram had limitations for resizing your photos within the app prior to this update. Found in the editing toolbox, this will allow your resize, rotate and straighten a photo.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.39.55 AM















Another cool update to check out before you post your photo is the comparison feature. By double tapping your photo while in edit mode, you can see what the original looks like compared to the new version. Your screen will quickly alternate between the two as you tap.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.44.18 AM













I hope you enjoy the new Instagram features as much as I do. If you’re like me and don’t update your mobile apps often, keep an eye out for updates like this that truly improve the user experience.

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