3 Mobile Ways to use Social Media for your Business

Jul 2014

mobile social media, social media agency, social media helpIf you stay up to date with the latest in marketing and technology, you know that mobile is hot.  Just about everyone has a smart phone now and they check it constantly.  As a marketer (and if you are a business owner, you are a marketer, too), if you can tap into the mobile market, you can use it to spread the word about your business.  All it takes is a little strategy and creativity to take advantage of the fact that your customers have their mobile phones with them, and can use them to share their love for your company.

Although most businesses can benefit from these strategies, they are geared towards a business that sells directly to consumers.


I could write a book on hashtags there are so many ways to use them, but they really can be a great way to get people to engage with your brand.  Let’s say you sell a product. When you design the label, consider including a hashtag that people can use when they talk about the product.  You want it to be unique to your brand, but also not overtly about your business.  So when people use your product or buy it, if they choose to post about it, they can use that hashtag.  This will allow you to easily find those tweets and interact with them, furthering your connection with your customers.  Additionally, other people who see that hashtag can easily see what people are saying about your product.


Yelp Check-In Specials

This is such a simple way to take advantage of social media if you own a retail business.  By offering a small discount, or something for free, you can encourage people to check in.  They will use their mobile phones to post a check in while actually at your business. Think about how powerful that is.  The average person has over 200 friends on Facebook.  If they check in to your business, they are potentially advertising your business to all 200 of those people.  Consider how powerful that can be when you are thinking about what you want to give away.


Facebook Events

If you are having an event of any kind, be sure to create a Facebook event on your Facebook business page.  When you create an event, it allows people to check in directly to the event, even when the event is at a location that already has a Facebook page.   Additionally, have signs at the event telling people what the Facebook event is called and encouraging them to check in.  Instead of just checking in to the event space (location), they will check into your event itself, spreading the word about your business and the event you are holding.


While there are many ways to take advantage of the fact that your customers use social media on mobile devices, these are just a few ideas that can have a big impact.  When you consider a mobile strategy, be sure to keep it as simple as possible.  The easier it is to engage with you business, the more effective it will be. 

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