6 Scary Social Media Mistakes That Will Haunt You

Photo Credit: @StudioDIY
Photo Credit: @StudioDIY

Happy Halloween! It’s the season for screams, frights, and things that go bump in the night. As we all know, in the world of social media mistakes, there are short-term boo-boos, and then there are long-term horrors. In honor of this spooky celebration, we’ve rounded up six scary social media mistakes that will be sure to frighten off any potential social media success.


Forgetting To Log Out

Seems simple enough, but this mistake is one that has haunted many an organization online. Forgetting to log out of your business account before making a personal post will not only confuse your audience but also disrupt your brand voice. You’ve spent an incredible amount of time carefully crafting your brand’s online persona, so don’t make the simple mistake of not logging out! If you manage a business account on social media, always be sure to double check who you’re posting as and clock out by hitting that log out button at the end of the day!

Information Overload

This one is an easy fix. It’s great to have a lot of content, but sharing it all at once is a huge social media misstep. Space out your posts so that you’re not overwhelming your audience with all that great content! Plus, when you give your content some breathing room in between each post, it will typically earn more engagement. It’s a win-win!

Slacking Off On Social Networking

It’s called social media for a reason. Posting interesting content puts you on the right track, but if you don’t take the social aspect of social networking seriously, you won’t see much action on your channels. As you spread the social love by liking other content, starting conversations, and getting to know your audience, you may see a growth in followers.

Stepping Away From Spell-check

That typo you just let slip? Yes, we all saw that. Even if your spelling error is only up for a few minutes, your followers will probably catch it before you do. Remember, when posting anything live, it can never hurt to double or triple check a post!

Mixing The Personal With The Professional

While it can occasionally work for brands that focus on a lifestyle marketing approach, oftentimes, sharing too much of your personal life can muddy the waters of your actual brand. Keep the pictures of your family to yourself and limit the mixing of business and pleasure!

Abandoning Your Brand

Yes, that meme was pretty funny. But did it fit your brand’s aesthetic, voice, and personality? Maybe not. With so many channels to manage, it’s important to keep your branding as consistent as possible when actively marketing yourself on social media. The bottom line is: Don’t lose sight of your brand!

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