RIP Vine: What Went Wrong

Oct 2016

Twitter has pulled the plug on popular video looping platform. Meanwhile, Twitter is keeping its video efforts moving full steam ahead with video support in direct messaging, and Facebook is taking cues from Snapchat with its latest filter update. RIP Vine: What Went Wrong

These are the latest trending social media stories trending in the news this week!

Vine Bites The Dust

In a move that has left social media stars everywhere scratching their heads, Twitter will be shutting down popular video looping platform, Vine.

So what went wrong? Reports claim that Vine was never really able to keep up with Instagram’s video update a few years back.

Another theory suggests Vine was dead weight in terms of revenue, draining Twitter of its finances over the past year.

Despite its demise, Vine has undoubtedly left its mark on social media, launching such stars as Sean Mendez and Lele Pons into the spotlight.

Will you miss Vine now that it’s gone?

 Twitter Adds Support For Videos In Latest Update

 Twitter is on a roll when it comes to its own platform!

 The social media giant is keeping its video efforts stronger than ever after its release of video support in direct messages.

The feature, which moves Twitter one step closer to video-heavy services such as Snapchat, is accessible through the old “camera” button, which now gives you the option to record videos as well as photos.

Users definitely are not complaining about the newest updates that have been rolling out over the past several months.

Just recently, Twitter also launched gif support and changes to its timeline where tweets are listed based on importance instead of time.

As the battle for video implementation continues across the social media universe, there is no doubt that Twitter is bringing the heat!

Snapchat Who? Facebook Releases Its Own Version Of Filters

 Just in time for Halloween, Facebook introduced masks to be used while live-streaming on the platform.

The feature will be available within Facebook’s app as well as the Mentions app for verified users.

Just like Snapchat, the masks and filters will periodically be swapped out to keep things fun for users.

Facebook is slowing releasing Masks now to iOS users in the United States, UK, and New Zealand and will hit Android “in the coming months.” Facebook also plans to bring it to additional countries.

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