5 Ways to Improve Your Salon’s Facebook Strategy

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New channels come and go, but Facebook continues to be the most popular channel in the ever-changing social media landscape. Is your salon effectively using Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy? Here are some tips to get more people off their computers and into your chair!

Create a business page.

If you want to use Facebook to generate revenue for your business, the first and most important step is to create a separate business page. Not only does this communicate to customers that you’re the real deal, but you get additional benefits not available on a personal profile. For example, you can create a Call-To-Action button that leads people to book an appointment online, get access to analytics about your fan activity and make ads targeting potential customers.

Find your mix.

As wonderful as your business may be, nobody wants to sign up for a stream full of sales pitches. To give your salon’s posts the attention they deserve, create a healthy mix of content that reflects your business and values. Facebook offers the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent with before and after pictures, create look books and cross-promote your other social media channels. Aim for just 10% promotional content, and tell your story with the other 90%.

Experiment with contests and special promotions.

One great way to get more people interested in your salon is to give exclusive offers and deals to new customers. Use Facebook to create check-in specials, encourage group deals or enter customers in a giveaway after they post before and after photos. Once you try a few ideas out, you’ll get a clearer idea of what works for your target audience.

Try advertising.

Did you know that you can target Facebook ads at people who are already in your salon’s database? Or that you can serve your message specifically to high school parents within 10 miles of your location at prom time? Advertising on Facebook is generally inexpensive, and the potential for business that it generates can pay for itself in no time.

Keep your audience in mind.

Most stylists wouldn’t ignore their clients during a cut and color, but snubbing a question or comment online could convey otherwise. Lay a foundation for open conversation by regularly asking questions and participating in the dialogue. Anything shared by others on your channels should be addressed as soon as possible. This could be as simple as thanking someone for their visit, or as complicated as addressing a negative experience and resolving it offline.

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