5 Tips For A Successful Social Media Flat Lay Photo Shoot


Photo credit: @deer.home

It’s 2017, and flat lay photos are still in style across all social media channels. Styling a flat lay photo shoot can be a great way to create some product shots while creating content.

Since this trend isn’t disappearing any time soon, it’s important to know how to take your flat lay game to the next level.


1. Write It Down

Staging a flat lay can be easier said than done, which is why it sometimes helps to write a list of any ideas you have for the photo shoot. If you want to be extra organized going into the shoot, prepare a list of ideas for potential shots, props you may need during the shoot, ideas for color schemes, and other details that may help your flat lay look more complete. Having a prepared list can be helpful since it gives you something to work off of when you’re in the middle of taking pictures.

2. Light It Up

If you want to showcase your product in the best light possible, you’re going to need the best possible lighting available. For a simple flat lay, you won’t need a lot of fancy camera equipment to help the product you’re photographing shine. To achieve a bright, clean photo, you only need some natural light and an iPhone. One of the best places to take a picture is right inside a floor-length window, where the sunshine can come through. This creates a nice, natural soft light that makes for well-lit pictures.

3. Select A Surface

When styling a flat lay, surface can speak volumes. Going for a more organic look? Place your product on some rustic wooden boards. Give your merchandise a more upscale look by styling it on a marble surface. If you want to keep it straight and simple, a plain white background can offer a great foundation for a clean image. Let your surface help play into the theme of the flat lay you’re creating in order to help complete your photo!

4. Mix It Up

Taking a picture for social media is not always a one and done deal. There will be those rare occasions where you’ll nail a shot and be on your way to your editing apps, but most times it helps to rearrange your flat lay a few different times so you have options to select from when choosing your final photos. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Something that doesn’t seem perfect right away may be exactly what you were looking for.

5. Take A Step Back

After you’ve finished snapping photos, it can help to take a step back to get some perspective on which photos will work best. For example, when choosing a photo for Instagram, look at all your photos in the Photos app in grid format. This can show you which photo stands out at first glance and how it will look in a feed when it’s automatically put into a square format by the Instagram app. Taking a break and returning to your photos with fresh eyes can also help you when deciding which photos are your final picks!


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