4 Lesser-Known Rules You’re Breaking on Pinterest

4 Lesser-Known Rules You’re Breaking on Pinterest
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Has your company been using Pinterest to its full potential? While most of us know to post attractive images and write interesting captions, there are a few details that, if overlooked, can prevent people from seeing your content.

Here are four of the most important rules that people tend to forget on Pinterest:

Clearly name your images before posting.

How are you saving your photos before posting them on Pinterest? The description for your image affects how its default caption is displayed and how your content is found! If the image’s name involves a vague identifier or a running train of words, then you may be making it more difficult for people to discover and share your photos.

Post portrait photos, not landscape.

When it comes to getting noticed on Pinterest, bigger is almost always better. Since pins are always restricted to 735 pixels in width, it’s up to a photo’s height to get it noticed. Use portrait images to take up more visual real estate on people’s feeds and stand out in a crowd!

Always associate a link with your pins.

Pinterest is a great way to promote web traffic, but only if your content has a place to send people. If you’re sharing images directly off your desktop, edit the pins to add a hyperlink to your webpage. That way, people only need to click on the image to learn more about your business.

Never leave your board categories blank.

Pinterest looks at board categories when indexing pins, giving people more ways to find that content in a search. By indicating that your board is focused on a certain topic, you help Pinterest figure out how best to share your content. So if you are an interior design firm posting on a board categorized as Home Décor, the content from that board is more likely to be pulled when a user searches that category.

By covering all these bases, you can help pinners discover – and share – your company’s content. Have we missed any of your favorite Pinterest tips? Share them in the comments!

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