4 Easy Ways To Build Your LinkedIn Network

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LinkedIn is one of the most valuable marketing tools for professionals, yet many users don’t utilize their accounts to full potential. A completed profile is important, but to make LinkedIn really work for you, networking is a crucial element. The number of connections you have on LinkedIn means more than bragging rights. The more connections you have, the more you will show up in search as a first, second, or third-degree connection. To expand your reach and exposure on LinkedIn, you must strategize to grow your network of first-degree connections.


Stay Active

To stay top of mind, post status updates regularly, just as you would on other social media channels. Posting regularly keeps you in your connections’ feeds. The more your first-degree connections interact with you and your content, the more visible you will be to their connections. Give them plenty of opportunities to do so by sharing updates on a consistent basis. Similarly, you should be interacting with your connections by commenting on and liking their updates. Join relevant groups and participate in discussions. All of these actions enhance your visibility to potential new connections.


Reach Out

Don’t ignore LinkedIn’s suggested connections; utilize them to find people in your industry or niche. You can also ask existing connections for an introduction to some of their connections who may be valuable peers, or potential partners and clients. Try to connect with a handful of people each week, but don’t just send the automated request generated by LinkedIn. Add a personal note when reaching out to potential new connections. Mention how you met, how you know the person, or why you wish to connect with them. If you add a personal touch to the request, your request is more likely to be accepted.


Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Some of your connections in other areas of business may not be aware that you are on LinkedIn. Include your LinkedIn profile URL in your email signature to make it easier for anyone you correspond with to find you on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to display your expertise, experience, completed projects, client testimonials, and more. Make sure to share it wherever you can. Share a link to your LinkedIn profile on other social media channels, and include the link in your e-newsletter.


Optimize Your Profile

The more information you can include in your LinkedIn profile, the more likely you are to show up in search. Use descriptive keywords in the headline, summary, and experience sections of your profile. Include as many skills as possible and accept relevant endorsements from connections. A professional headshot is very important, as many users won’t accept a connection request from a profile without a photo. Fill out every section of your profile to best of your ability. Don’t forget to include your education details and job history. The more thorough your profile, the more your profile will show up in search.


It’s a common phrase in business that it’s not what you know, but who you know. LinkedIn is the perfect outlet for growing your professional connections and expanding your network. Follow these tips to make LinkedIn work to help you establish even more useful connections and professional relationships.

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