3 Ways You Can Increase Engagement and Followers on Instagram

3 Ways You Can Increase Engagement and Followers on InstagramShow of hands: how many of us remove a photo from Instagram after it doesn’t get more than six likes? Many millennials don’t hesitate to hit delete when their post doesn’t do so well and if you manage an Instagram business page, chances are you understand their frustration to a certain degree.

You post an amazing picture or a quote that would impress even Gandhi, and nothing! Then you’re wondering, what went wrong, why isn’t anyone as amazed with this post as I am? We can help with that.

Use these three steps to increase engagement, rack up followers on your Instagram business page, and get people excited about your business.


1. Show Your True Colors

We preach this time and time again. One of the most important rules of social media marketing is authenticity, and best posts are genuine and real. When people can relate to your brand, and you can make a connection with them, you’re doing social media right. Tug at their heartstrings a bit; hit a nerve—but be prepared to solve their problem—and make them LOL.

When it comes to marketing on social media content truly is king, but Instagram content is a different type of king. Click To Tweet


2. Become a Content King

When it comes to marketing on social media content truly is king, but Instagram content is a different type of king. There’s no room for stiff descriptions of products and services in your caption box. You’re talking to mostly Millennials and Gen Z, so you don’t shy away from speaking their language. When roaming around The Gram, you’ll notice a lot of “goals,” “vibes,” and when all else fails, they’ll throw an emoji in there.

Of course, everything in moderation, you don’t want to go overboard on the millennial lingo or the emojis—just let your hair down a little. Short copy is a great way to connect with your audience. Remember who your audience is and think about what they might be feeling and write it down! It’s also important that you don’t stray from your brand voice—you can still be who you are and keep up with the cool kids.


3. Work Your Network

You have the authentic personality, and the cool copy to go with it, now you just need to make sure the right people see it. Expanding your brand presence takes time, especially when you’re starting from scratch, but it’s not hard. Take a few minutes every day to engage with people and businesses on your daily feed.

You also want to follow businesses who share your audience, as well as people that fit into your demographic. Just remember to unfollow the people who don’t follow you back in a couple of weeks. It’s a little petty, we know, but people are more attracted to accounts that have a higher follower count.


Don’t let Instagram’s algorithm get in your way of engagement and new followers. Learn how to get around this challenge to grow an engaging audience.



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