3 Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

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First impressions can make a big impact on how people perceive something; especially online when your brand has a split second to grab someone’s attention. On LinkedIn, most of the people who will be looking at your business page will be people looking to learn more about your company and the jobs you have available. To provide them with a positive perspective of your company, turn your page into an experience that will make an impact with these three techniques:


Fill In Cover Photo/About Section

Whether it’s a website or a LinkedIn page, the first two things people see and look at are your cover photo and ‘about’ section. While these two things may seem minor, they actually play a very large role. These are the two things that give people a snapshot of what your company is like, what it’s about, and what it stands for. Always make sure that you have a cover photo that’s relevant to your brand, represents your company’s message, and is consistent with the other cover photos on your site and social channels. The same goes for your ‘about’ section. Keep it brief and consistent with what you have on your other channels so that your audience has a unified user experience. This allows them to get a clear picture of what your business is about and will make them more likely to engage with your brand.


Provide Links

Even though your goal is to have people looking at your LinkedIn page, you also want to lead them to either your website or other social channels. Not only does this keep them engaged with your brand, but it also allows them to get a clearer picture of what your company is about thereby causing them to be more likely to interact with your brand or even tell their friends about it. The more times you can expose people to your company, the better.


Publish Content

The meat of your LinkedIn page is in the content that you choose to publish. This is what people will scroll through to get a better idea of what you’re about and what it would be like to work at your company. Put out content that’s engaging, informative, and leads back to your website. This supports the goal of giving people an elongated user experience – going from your LinkedIn page to your website to your other social channels to your services etc.


Once you’ve rolled out your page and are ready to create more content, check out how you can create video with the mobile LinkedIn app!

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