3 Ways To Dominate Social Media

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It is easy to get stuck in a rut when posting to various social media channels for your business. Sticking to your weekly routine is easy, but is it profitable? Are you seeing a major spike in traffic?

Social media marketing is always changing, every day, and to keep up with the evolving trends mean investing time in new strategies.

Video Marketing

Videos are a surefire way to engage your audience. Videos titled “How To” or “Tip Of The Day” are the most popular videos, with the most viral videos lasting between :45 seconds to 1:00 in length. People want to learn how to do something in the most efficient and quickest ways possible – no one has time to spare, especially business owners and executives. Even if you do not have a palpable product to sell you can sell an idea. Capitalize on that.

Fan Feedback

What’s the best way to determine whether or not your fan base is enjoying the information you are posting? Ask them! Run a poll on your channels asking what types of posts they find the most engaging – news articles, photos or videos. Use your Yelp reviews to dig deeper for what types of language and imagery your audience finds fascinating and most relevant to their needs.

Follow, Like and Share

This strategy applies best with very active channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The fastest way to grow your audience organically is to like, comment and share content. The more people who read your intriguing comments on an article or video the more fans you will be able to accumulate. Taking time each week to scan through your newsfeed on all of your channels and sharing things that you believe are relevant to your audience will always help buff up your channels as well.

Additional strategies like enhancing your SEO on your website by using audience specific keywords will help you in regards to Google searches, growing your audience.

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