2 Simple Rules For Increasing Your Organic Reach On Facebook

Photo Credit: @k_amin
Photo Credit: @k_amin

If you think your Facebook business page has been struggling with reaching your audience, it’s not just your imagination. For some time, Facebook has been slowly decreasing the organic reach of pages in order to provide users with greater incentive to purchase Facebook ads.

While paid ads can dramatically improve your reach, for some businesses it’s simply not realistic to continually pay for their posts to be seen. Here are two golden rules for increasing your business page’s organic reach on Facebook:

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is just as important as understanding your brand. How can you possibly market your business effectively if you don’t know who your ideal consumer is? Determine your demographic by considering gender, age, location, interests, and more. This should be as specific as possible. Once you have a clear understanding of who you’re targeting on Facebook, begin sharing content. You should post a variety of content at first in order to figure out what your fans respond to the most. If one of your goals on Facebook is to get more people to contact you about your business, pushing the “Contact Us” page on them continuously is going to drive them away rather than attract them. Remember, social media is about social networking. Post content that they’ll like, comment on, and even share with their friends. When a post’s engagement goes up, it’s reach naturally increases as well.

Ask The Right Questions

Sometimes when you’re hunting for engagement, being direct pays off. Feel free to ask your fans questions when you post content. Posting a recipe? Ask them if they’ve tried it before or if they have their own twist on a particular dish! Talking about your product? Ask them what they like the most about it! When fans comment on your posts, it contributes to boosting your reach because their comments will be shown to their followers. This provides another opportunity to better your engagement.

Don’t let a low reach get you down– it’s important to keep on keepin’ on! Make sure you’re sharing content regularly on your Facebook page. The bottom line is this: When you continuously post fun and interesting content, you cast a larger net for more engagement.

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