Why Images are Important on Social Media

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Photo: @meelbelle

We all know the saying: a photo is worth a thousand words. And in the world of social media, that saying could not be more correct. Images on social media channels are a vital component to connecting with your audience. According to Digital Insights, 350 million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook alone. Imagine how many are posted to the visually driven social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

It is important to note that photos are not the only images you can use on social media. Other examples include: drawings, infographics, charts, historical prints, postcards and even text when designed as an image. Whatever type of image you use, it’s a fact that posts with images get more responses — more likes, comments and shares.

In addition to their visual impact, images take up more space in viewers’ news feeds. This increases the odds of a post getting noticed, especially on mobile phones with smaller screens. Effective images evoke a response from users. People will immediately feel an emotional connection to your brand when they see a photo.

Let’s look at some examples of businesses using photos well:

Smartneedle - Office Sharing Photo

This embroidery company is tugging at the heartstrings of their embroidery enthusiast fans by posting a photo of their collection of designs displayed in their office.

Auraline - Tip Post

This post is a great example of using text transformed into an image with a beauty tip from a private label cosmetics company. Using this tactic can make an otherwise ‘boring’ text post into an instant visually charged graphic that users will pay more attention to, read and, likely, engage with.

 Blissful Nights - Image

Using photos to tell a story is also a great way to create an eye-catching post. This post by a mattress company shares a tip on how to get better sleep by eliminating naps, accompanied by a photo of a woman that looks like she is taking a nap.  This helps the user understand what you’re trying to convey and makes it interesting.

There is no denying that using photos to tell stories about your business is a great way to boost online engagement and interaction on social media.

How will you tell your story using photos?

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