Where Do You Find Content?

There is an abundance of information and content floating around in the internet, but the question is, what is the best? Surely, we all don’t have time to go aimlessly searching for good articles, links, facts and information everyday to find something to populate our social media content. Here are some ways that can help you filter out content online, so you can save time and still find good material.

Google Alerts

You can sign up for this free Google service with just your Gmail account. Google Alerts allows you to set up search terms and queries that are related to your industry and businesses, and will send you daily email digests with the best results. Google Alerts is a real time-saver; their algorithm sorts through the hundreds of thousands of articles and blogs each time to filter out what they think would be most valuable to the reader. You can use Google Alerts to monitor your industry, or search for topics that are of your niche. Another good idea is to set up a Google Alert for your name or your business name, that way you can monitor what is being said about you online!

Google Reader

Another Google winner! You can set up RSS feeds from your Google Alerts to go directly into Google Reader; That way, your inbox won’t be flooded with Google Alerts emails every day, and you can manage all of your Google Alerts in one convenient location. You can also subscribe to your favorite blogs on Google Reader to monitor content there too.

Twitter Lists

Take a look at the Lists that other Twitter users have you categorized in. Chances are, you’ve been grouped with similar people in your industry. If you haven’t, try a search for other prominent Twitter users who might fall under your industry, and take a look at the Lists that they are in. You’ll find a plethora of other users in your related field. Follow these people, and keep up with their updates, because these people will be tweeting out great content that you can use as well.

Create Your Own Content

This is probably most important of all. Sure, there is a lot of other content on the web, but what you create will of course be unique and personal to you and your business only. Bring your camera with you everywhere you go, and take pictures of events, products or people that you are working with. Have someone video record and interview you about your company and what you do, and edit this video into shorter clips that you can share every week on your social media (this can all be done in one sitting, and you’ll be set with some great content for a month!) Yes, people like to hear about what’s going on in your industry, but if they’re already following you on social media, they are more interested in you. But remember, be candid, be honest, and never be sales-y.

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