4 Ways To Utilize Interactive Content To Engage Your Audience

Let’s face it; extraneous content is flooding our online world. As we become more experienced and involved in social media, it is more difficult to create content that is interesting to users. While posting aesthetically pleasing pictures is helpful, sometimes it is just not enough. Adding interactive elements to your content that your audience can participate in will open up the doors to engagement.


Creating unique content that grabs your audience’s attention can be a tricky feat. Try these methods to spark interest:



Most social media platforms have a tool to create polls. Polls are a quick and simple way to get your audience to connect with your brand. We all love sharing our opinions, so this is a great way to get feedback from your audience. Polls also help show your audience that you value their input.


Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great tool that provides purely unique content while driving traffic to your business page. Users can comment during the live stream; so you can answer questions or comments right away. Using Facebook Live during special events is beneficial as your audience can watch during the event. They also save into your videos, so others can watch after as well.



Social media contests and promos are a fun way to get your audience involved. The best way to kick off a contest is by using Instagram or Facebook. Getting your audience to “tag a friend” in exchange for a chance to win something instantly gets another set of eyes looking at your page. Easy and effective!



It works Buzzfeed, and it could work for your business too! With the right title, quizzes can be eye-catching on your feed and hard to resist. Creating a quiz unique to your brand could easily be directed to your website, giving the audience an opportunity to explore more about your business. Quizzes can even tie in some of your products, so your audience can find out which one is right for them.


Social media can be difficult to tackle, but including content that gets your audience interested and involved will only help your business.



A 2017 study shows that there is a considerable increase of searches containing the phrase “Can anyone recommend?” This shows that 2018 will be more about finding the right social media and content tracking tools that can aid companies to come up with more personalized offerings to customers.


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