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Birthdays, work anniversaries, awards, new hires, business events and more are all something to celebrate. Using social media to share the celebration is a great way to create a deeper connection to your audience.

You can share these special occasions on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram, where image-based content creates more user engagement. A simple, genuine message celebrating your company – or employee – milestones should be part of your strategy no matter what kind of business you have. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting to know your business.

Here are some great examples of how businesses celebrated on social media:

Camino Federal Credit Union celebrated a birthday on Facebook by taking a tasteful photo of their Member Services Representative (below.) Not only does this show the company values their employees, it also shows they know how to have a little fun, too!




Hair product company, Number 4 Hair Care, posted their celebration with a little twist in this Throwback Thursday showcasing the awards they’ve received for the past few years. This allows the audience to see they are a leader in their industry with awards to prove it!


Number 4


At KWSM, Katie and Stephen Wagner recently celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary and we couldn’t help but share the love with our audience on their matrimonial accomplishment showing these two make a good team in and out of the office. (Aren’t they cute?)


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.44.04 PM


So, next time you have something to celebrate, share it with your social media audience to create a deeper connection.

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