Understanding Facebook Messenger Ads

You have an established company, created a social media strategy and are finally ready to start running ads. You have the copy and the perfect creative to match and probably skip right over the ad placement section of ads manager. Anxious to start targeting your ads, you have probably never noticed that you had an option to select where on Facebook your ad will show. Facebook preselects “Automatic Placement” and promises to show your ads to as many people as possible, but that doesn’t mean that it will make your ad more effective. We’re here to tell you that choosing the default is not always the best route, and it’s best that you understand where your ads are being shown. In this blog, we are breaking down what you need to know about Facebook Messenger ads.


The Facebook messenger placement has four options available for advertisers to choose from destination (or click-to-Messenger) ads, Messenger home, sponsored messages, and Stories.

Destination Ads

Destination ads appear in the newsfeed, and when a user clicks the “Send Message” button, it opens inside of a Facebook messenger connecting users with your brand for interaction.



It’s a versatile way to start new Messenger conversations with people using all of the normal ad & targeting options available inside Facebook. You can target anyone with these ads, and you can place them on Facebook or Instagram. This option encourages people to ask questions and helps them overcome whatever doubt they may be having. This is your chance to change their mind.

Messenger Home

The home option is a banner ad that is served in the home menu of Messenger.


It isn’t really a type of ad, so much as a new placement for your ad to be displayed. The difference here is that your ad shows up inside Messenger home (as opposed to showing up inside of a specific conversation). Depending on your campaign, you could choose to have this ad open inside of Messenger or have it take the person to a landing page.

Sponsored Message Ads

A sponsored message ads appear if you choose the “Messenger” objective at the campaign level. This ad allows you to re-engage people who have an existing conversation with your business using targeted, in-context ads.

sponsored message ad, facebook

Sponsored messages give you the ability to reach customers instantly by delivering crafted messages directly to a user’s inbox. It looks identical to receiving a Facebook message from a friend but comes from a brand. It drives engagement and action related to your business without driving the user away from Facebook.

Facebook Stories

The newest ad placement is Facebook Stories ad. Facebook made Stories ads available to all advertisers thanks to its success with Instagram Stories ads.


With more than 300 million people using Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day, there is a huge reach potential for brands. Facebook mentioned that brands would soon be able to extend the reach even further and improve the performance of their stories ad campaigns within Messenger.

According to Facebook, Messengers ads have been shown to increase conversions and response rates. Among people surveyed who message businesses the majority say being able to message a business helps them feel more confident about the brand,” according to the 2018 study. As a brand, you have to insert yourself into the conversations your customers are already having, and that means being where those conversations are taking place.

Facebook has added a number of optional bells and whistles over the years to give advertisers more flexibility and control in the way that their ads appear to their target audiences. Reaching a customer is crucial to getting leads, and personalized messages can help build loyalty. Not every recommended or automatic placement is going to work with every campaign objective or provide you with the engagement you want from your audience. Think about where your money is going exactly when creating your ads.



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