Twitter’s Expanded Character Limit: When Will You Get It?

Twitter is doubling up on the character fun! The platform will now allow tweets of 280 characters, twice the length of the 140-limit we’ve known for years.

Twitter’s Expanded Character Limit: When Will You Get It?
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One burning question: When will it be coming to our own timelines?

Meanwhile, Instagram has made a small yet major tweak to its commenting feature for public accounts, and Facebook is rolling out new tools for advertisers geared at bridging the gap between offline activities and digital ads in this week’s social media trends!

Instagram Cracks The Whip On Offensive Comments

 While Instagram has given millions of users all over the world a platform to express themselves through the power of photo and video, it did not come without a price.

Despite rolling out several features to thwart offensive content and abusive comments, cyber-bullying has remained a problem.

Instagram recently announced a series of new powerful tools that puts safety first.

The first gives users the power to moderate comments on posts, either by censoring individual profiles or only allowing comments from profiles that follow them. The second new feature gives users the ability to anonymously report content.

These new features prove Instagram is not taking a back seat when it comes to making its community (which just surpassed 800 million daily active users!) a safer one.

Facebook Set Its Sights On Offline Data

As an advertiser, have you been dreaming of a day when you could target audiences who have made offline purchases?

Facebook is about to make those dreams a reality!

The social media juggernaut posted that it is rolling out new targeting options for its offline conversions tools that will soon be available to all advertisers. Here’s how it works:

Facebook Is Changing The Way Advertisers Target Offline Audiences. Here's How Click To Tweet

Facebook’s offline conversion tool compiles valuable data from customers who have recently made offline purchases as well as customers who have recently visited a physical store with the help of location-based GPS from mobile devices.

Are You Next In Line For Twitter’s Expanded Character Limit?

 Twitter’s character expansion of 280 from 140 is taking the Twittersphere by storm, with many asking, “when do I get that?”

You’ll have to wait.

Twitter is currently only offering the expanded character limit to a small batch of testers. In the meantime, data will be collected within the next several months.

Stay patient my friends!

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