Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

PC: @mountaingirls
PC: @mountaingirls

Social media marketing continues to expand, and it’s important to know what tactics to invest your time in to gain the best results for your business. Here are top trends for 2016 that you’ll want to follow to climb that mountain of success.



Consumers’ inboxes are constantly flooded by spam messages, and personalization is the key to standing out. According to an article in Social Media Today, 75% of consumers like it when brands send them personalized offers and content. Adding a personal touch to purchasing items or services from your business will make the consumer feel more valued.


Mobile Friendly

In the digital age, almost every consumer owns a smart phone. In 2015, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in 10 countries. With this growth of mobile users, it’s important to have a mobile-friendly website as well as invest in ads designed for mobile users. Instagram ads made their debut this year, and are an increasingly popular method of social media advertising.


Video Advertising

Part of storytelling for your brand is introducing consumers to the personal side of your brand. Video garnered high consumer engagement in 2015 and continues to rise as the media of the future. Create short videos (30 seconds to 1 minute) that include a strong call to action and get creative. Videos are an interactive tool to teach consumers about your brand, but also a key source for entertainment.


These trends for 2016 are easily predictable based on the trends we saw in 2015. Remember to choose your social media strategy wisely, and invest in the tactics that are the best fit for your business’ social media channels. Check out these social media New Year’s resolutions to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot in 2016.


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